Export business

1. Main Service

Trading agency on behalf of import(Including B-B/B-C& International trade foreign exchange settlement)

Advising import tax regulation and assisting customs clearance

Import customs declaration (General trade / Temporary import & export )

Import warehousing and dispatching (supply chain management)

Dangerous goods import service(Including devanningGHS classification and label recording…etc)

Special goods customs clearance (Food/Alcohol/Drug…etc)

International express customs clearance

Bonded Warehouse operation

       2. Strengths and Advantages

Professional Global Network

We have been strongly cooperated with agents from different countries for many years, providing customers best logistics solutions. Our overseas department will follow every shipment and Communicate between foreign and domestic, in order to ensure smooth service for door to door delivery.  

Airport Supervised Warehouse

We have our own customs specialists in every international airport in China. We also own customs supervised warehouse inside PVG airport. Once cargo arrives at the airport, we can assign cargo to load in our warehouse and arrange customs clearance/delivery immediately.

Professional Customs Specialist

We have customs Specialists in all ports in China, providing the soonest customs clearance service.

Professional Transportation team

Besides normal container trucking, we can also do Bulky cargo and dangerous goods transportation.

Best Gurantee

We take customer’s benefits and secure into first consideration. We strengthen forwarders liability insurance so as to gurantee our customer the safest service.


1.  General cargo import process

2. Customs declaration

3.  tax payment

4.  Inspection (Customs)

5.  Release

6.  Wharf/warehouse pick-up plan

7.  Inspection (Package)

8. Delivery


Chengtai International is committed to listening to customers'needs, providing competitive prices and quality services. Customers tailor-made exclusive logistics solutions to create international freight forwarding services.
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