Important Notice! Indian Customs will implement new rules from 1st of April

Start from 1st April, the Indian Customs will implement new customs clearance requirements. Foreign freight forwarding companies must be strictly enforced. Otherwise, the goods will be unable to clear customs after arriving at the Port of Destination, and they will face customs penalties!!

According to the latest requirements of the Indian Customs, all goods exported to Indian ports (including inland ports in India), bills of lading and manifests must display the following information:

1.    Importer's IE code

2.    Importer’s GSTN number

3.    Importer's valid office email address

The effective date is on April 1, 2018, which is based on the date of shipment at Port of Departure.


 The current scope of implementation is limited to all shipments at NSA unloading (including NSA transfer to ICD)

GST no. is 15 yards and IEC no. is 10 yards.

-          A company who has registered from the government must have GST.

-          A company with import and export license must have IEC.

-          Both are very common, and Indian clients must know it.

If the c/ & n/ on bill of lading is freight forwarder, then there is no IE CODE, but there are still three points which have to be indicated on the HOUSE BL.

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